Residential / Commercial

One of the challenges during design of this site was how to address the existing utility pole and traffic signal light pole located on the corner of the intersection of Route 27 & Green Street. Our skilled engineer was able to design a right turn lane around the existing utilities, while accommodating the architect's building plan. Further design considerations were required to allow ample space for a semi-truck to safely navigate a right hand turn from route 27 south onto West Green Street. As you can see from the photo, all constraints were met, and the result is as pleasing to the eye as is the smooth driving transition through the turn lane. You can see O'Lorden's Tavern, another site plan of ours, on the right, and the parking garage on the left.

Westminster Square (2002)

Westminster Square was the first Condominium and Parking Garage combination within the city limits of Westminster. The condominiums include three floors of residential units and one floor of commercial units. The parking garage is attached to the condominium, but is available to the public and is convenient to downtown business in Westminster.


Our Project Responsibilities:

  • Boundary Survey and Condominium Plats

  • Site Development Design

  • Construction Plans

  • SHA Improvements to the intersection of MD. RTE. 27 and Green Street

  • Construction Stake Out